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In 2009, staff member, Casey, Jeff along with his daughters Maurissa and Sara
In 2009, staff member, Casey, Jeff along with his daughters Maurissa and Sara

My husband, Jeff, was the founder of this business.  He took a career change when he lost his job of 10 years and then had to decide what he was going to do while helping me go through the struggles of dealing with colorectal cancer.  He opened the business in 2008 and soon learnt that he loved working with chocolate and seeing the joy on peoples faces when they tasted his creations.  He had finally found something he enjoyed doing and he was proud of what he had accomplished with the business. 

Then in the summer of 2010, at the age of 48, he passed away suddenly from a heart attack.  He had commented not long before that day that he was just starting to see the results of his hard work.

My two daughters and I struggled with his loss and we felt we were not ready to give up the store.  A lot of our memories of him were still part of the business.

So, in the fall of 2010, I hired a manager to continue on with the business with the help of my oldest daughter Maurissa. 

Today, we have a team of students and permanent part-time staff that make the recipes my husband created and they all have knowledge of how to work with chocolate.

We continue to add to our product line and in addition to chocolate, unique candies, we have Gelato in the summer that we make on site and we carry Jellycat stuffed animals and the uniquely realistic "reallite" candles.


Although there are days that my daughters and I feel that the store consumes a lot of our time, we absolutely love being a part of it.

My husband had a phrase that he posted where he could read every day that we now have framed in the store.

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.  So love the people who treat you right.  Forget about the ones who don't and believe that everything happens for a reason.  If you get a chance take it, if it changes your life let it.  Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it."

I'm sure we would have had regrets if we hadn't tried to continue on with his dream and I believe Jeff is looking down with his ever present smile, proud of what we have accomplished.


Judy Haist-Dick,


Owner of J & J's Chocolate Sensations



News reports