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Chocolate dipped...
Chocolate dipped marshmallow on a stick
Box of 6
Box of 6
List Price: $5.10
Box of 9 Truffles
Box of 9 Truffles
Almond Bark
Almond Bark
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Welcome to J & J's Chocolate Sensations!

Chocolate dipped marshmallow on a stick
Chocolate dipped marshmallow...
 Marshmallows dipped in our milk, white or dark chocolate and decorated with colourful...
Almond Buttercrunch
Almond Buttercrunch
 This is similar to the pecan buttercrunch, but it is made with almonds instead. It is a hard...

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Our Goal


At J & J's Chocolate Sensations, our goal is to produce fine chocolate products made with high quality ingredients.  We use superior quality chocolate which is available in white, dark, milk and no sugar added. Our caramels, chocolate centers and truffles are all made in small quantities using fresh cream, butter and natural flavourings. And all our chocolates are hand dipped. 





 This is our gelato freezer - it's hand painted and it came all the way from Italy!


Thank you Renfrew Mercury Readers for 


acknowledging our committment to you as the 

Double Diamond Award Winner


in the categories:

"Best Chocolate Shop" and "Gift Basket"


Proud believers of:

"Anything is good if it's made of chocolate"



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Best Chocolates ever!!!
Name: Denean Renning