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 We understand that your day-to-day lives can get pretty hectic, which restricts the amount of time that you have in a day to prepare treats for dinners or other events - that's why we're here to help! 

We are now offering squares and buttertarts. They are all homemade (that includes all of our pastry shells), and the recipes are passed down through our family.

We offer chocolate drizzled buttertarts (we bake them without raisins or pecans unless requested), and an assortment of squares (caramelita's, red velvet brownie, lemon and white chocolate, and raspberry nanaimo).

We can also make them without chocolate.

Here are our squares. They are sold prebaked, and they can easily be frozen - perfect to have in the freezer for when unexpected guests come over!

Caramelita's: pecans, chocolate chips, salted caramel, and oatmeal crust. Mouth watering!

If you are interested in a mix of our squares, we can put them on decorative serving trays so they are ready to be served as soon as you pick them up!

Red velvet brownies - need I say more? Red velvet cupcakes and cakes have been all the rage lately, so we decided to put a twist on them and bake red velvet brownies.


They look perfect with the red and white swirl.

Lemon squares - made with a melt-in-your-mouth lemon cake on the bottom, and a white chocolate glaze. If heaven had a taste, this would be it.

Nanaimo bars are already popular, so we decided to add a little bit of a twist...nanaimo and raspberry. Adds a pop of colour and more flavour to your palate. You can thank us later.



More baked goods to come! We're in the works to find more recipes that will leave you wanting more.

Our goal is to have these squares in the store at all times, but sometimes we get a little behind schedule. To make sure that you can get all the squares you need, call us ahead of time and we would be happy to make them for you.




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Chocolate Drizzled Buttertarts
Chocolate Drizzled Buttertarts