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Chocolate Boxes

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Boxes of chocolate are the perfect gift for that chocolate lover in your life. We offer a wide variety of caramels and meltaways in each type of chocolate (milk, white and dark). The boxes can also be wrapped or ribboned according to desired colours or wrapping paper - great for birthday, anniversary and christmas presents!

All of our chocolates are handmade and hand-dipped in our facility

Here is our box of 6 chocolates.

This is an example of our boxes of 16. We have discontinued the use of these double layered boxes (8 chocolates on each layer), and we now use a square box for our 16 count boxes. These are extremely popular for those who do not want to go over budget when buying for more than one person. They look great too!

This is our 24 count box. These boxes of chocolates are our best-sellers. Every box of chocolates is made differently since we are constantly creating new chocolates - this is why we do not provide chocolate maps with our boxes.

These are our 25 count boxes. They are also available with a different insert that allows 16 chocolates on the outside, and 4 of our pecan chews in the middle. We also have a box of 50 available - it looks similar to this, but it is double layered.

We also have boxes of 2, 4, 6 and 12. The boxes of 2 and 4 are often requested for wedding favours or gifts, and the boxes of 6 and 12 are often put together in the store for those who want something smaller.

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Box of 6
Box of 6
List Price: $5.10
Price: $5.10

 Assorted caramels, meltaways or truffles.

Box of 16
Box of 16
List Price: $12.75
Price: $12.75