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Christmas Treats

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Christmas Treats


 Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year, that's why we ensure that our chocolate exceeds expectations, and our selection of chocolates is perfect for every chocolate lover.

We make specialized handmade chocolate ornaments that are filled with our caramels and meltaways, and they are decorated to look like Christmas ornaments (we do not recommend that you put them on your tree, as they are not made for this purpose). There are two sizes available: small and large.

This is an example of what the inside of the ornaments look like (this is a small ornament).

They are available in every type of chocolate that we offer.

Our chocolate ornaments aren't the only options for gifts at Christmas. We also have chocolate logs that are filled with our caramels and meltaways.

Our chocolate suckers sell very quickly at this time of the year - they are perfect stocking stuffers and they are great additions to presents. Here are some examples of the chocolate suckers that are available during Christmas. 

These are our Christmas candy kabobs. So sweet!

A bag of chocolate wrapped lightbulbs (available in every type of chocolate we offer) - perfect for stocking stuffers.

Decorated snowman that is great for a centrepiece. 

We also offer coffee mugs with hot chocolate and chocolate spoons! Perfect to warm up from the cold weather.

Chocolate letters are a must for Christmas. Stocking stuffers, and they add a personal touch.

Boxes of truffles are a nice hostess gift - the teddy bear adds a nice touch as well.