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Thanksgiving Treats

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Thanksgiving Treats


At J & J's Chocolate Sensations we want to make our chocolates as beautiful and colourful as the fall leaves.

We offer many fall inspired centrepieces and decorations to decorate your Thanksgiving tables!

These are our hollow pumpkin centrepieces - they are surrounded by fall leaves (a mixture of milk/dark/white solid chocolate).


We are so inspired by autumn festivities that we use local apples to make caramel-chocolate apples! That's right...they're dipped in our homemade caramel, then dipped in chocolate, and drizzled with more chocolate to add some texture and colour! A chocolate lovers dream.

If the hunter in your life is disappointed that they didn't get anything this hunting season - don't worry, we've got their back! This is a hollow moose that is available in milk/dark/white chocolate.

Adding colour to our store and your Thanksgiving dinner is always a priority during the fall. We hand wrap all of our leaves in different colours and they are most often put in bags and tied with colourful ribbon. 

Here are the leaves once they are completely wrapped. 

We also decorate our assorted boxes with fall themed chocolates and decorate them with fall colours! 

Our best-selling, and most anticipated product during this time of year is our Pumpkin Truffles. Hand rolled and dipped with fresh pumpkin pureé, and decorated with roasted pecans. Perfect for pumpkin pie lovers!